Really? Well, dude, in that case you are obviously not from our herd.
But youmay also be a newly-converted  follower of the sexy underwear
cult who needs older man’s guidance and support. Read on then!

Bikini briefs
Bikini briefs are the shortest, tight-fitting and, arguably, the
bluntest piece of undergear your mom could recommend. Unfortunately,
sometimes they cut into your sexy ass, and produce certain discomfort,
but how deliciously do the guys who are trying to readjust their
bikini briefs look!

Boxer briefs
Boxer briefs are a long-leg version of bikinis or vice versa, bikini
briefs are a shorter interpretation of boxer briefs. This is what you
are probably wearing in winter. Attractive and comfortable.

This name is more general, and can be applied to both abovementioned
types of undergear. When in doubt, say “briefs”.

Guess which sport gave name to boxers? You can’t be wrong here. These
are perfect if you want to maintain intrigue… or don’t want others to
envy you too much. Not always perfect with tight trousers, though.

A shorter version of boxers, the one you are not supposed to wear to a
ring, but can freely introduce to your beach mates. Most popular type
of swimwear in America. And, God gracious, remember: these are worn on
your hips, do not pull them all way up to your chest.

Male thongs
This is certainly a something that demands self-confidence. Thongs
leave very little to other people’s imagination, and it depends only
on your  own size and fitness, whether these will be considered sexy
by you audience.

A wicked creation of an evil genius. This sexy thing looks like a
skeleton of your typical bikini briefs. As a result, your butt cheeks
are exposed and even attracted additional attention to. Feel that you
are a bit of attention whore? Take these to an underwear party.
Now test yourself.
Imagine a sexy tanned muscular surfer boy from aussiebum ads wearing
those huge boxers, then shrink them a little bit (to trunks). Feel
your anticipation growing. Now apply your shrinking gaze again, and
observe boxer briefs; without a minute’s hesitation, reduce them to
bikinis…Turn the boy around, and scoop out the unnecessary fabric to
see that jockstrap. Give the boy a virtual slap, and when he turns to
you, reduce his underwear to the thongs… The thongs…Sexy. Blunt… Wake
up, pervert! And keep your hands up so that I could see them!
Aloha for today!

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