Private Structure is a brand from Malaysia which is, quite old, what you will never say by the boys who model for them, haha. It emerged in the shops around 4 years ago, and since then, has been spreading like flu. From its very beginning, Private Structure was rather expensive and high-grade compared to most Asian brands sold in a typical men’s underwear shop.


Unfortunately, Private Structure men’s underwear also used to have sizing problems, what is characteristic of Asian manufacturers: a typical European shopper would find himself buying bigger sizing or feeling packed very tight.


The designers at Private Structure boast that they managed to solve the contradiction between stylishness and comfort, and they are obviously being able to combine both. Besides men’s underwear, they probably produce very comfortable swimwear and women’s clothing, but you can’t buy it from their web site at the moment. In fact, “Private Structure swimwear” is one of those popular Google queries.


The website does not try to conceal Private Structure’s Asian origin: at the very doorstep, you are asked to choose between Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and international mirrors of the shop.


The attractive unshaven model posing for their site is European, but the gallery is packed with sexy muscular Asian boys wearing very little clothing for your enjoyment and fun.

The quality of Private Structure underwear is very high and consistent, as claimed by most bloggers around the world, and those boys who paid their attention to Private Structure, testify that it is as good as Calvin Klein, but priced much more reasonably.


All in all, compared to other manufacturer’s prices, this is cheap underwear, which is by not means “cheap” in terms of quality and style. What we have here is a frank modern brand that is trying to win by using old school “lower price-bigger sales” marketing policy. And, let’s be frank, is a bit lazy posting photos of those sexy boys in underwear.

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