Did you notice that designer men’s underwear is becoming more and more widespread occurrence? Some 5 years ago we could barely find a single hot pic in the net, and now dozens of brands and designers do their best to cater for us, underwear freaks. A provoking professional photo shoot was like a breath of fresh air, but now a whole visual industry has developed, stamping a daily multitude of sexy boy pics like a Ford T factory.

We live in the golden age of masculine underwear awesomeness, and we now can delight ourselves in the sweet sin of boy pic surfing every day, be it for better or for worse. The world has changed so much. Office time has become so much more enjoyable and sexy.

Oh, let’s go back to men’s underwear…


Today’s special guest is the sexy Croota, a well-recognized Aussie brand which appeared in 2005, and has been winning more and more popularity with is burning hot pics and models ever since.

Croota is sexy, comfy and colorful, and they try hard to be revolutionary. They were the first company to indicate expiry dates for underwear! Wonder why? Believe it or not, fashion is always in development, making things outdated very quickly. Aware of that, Croota guys never rest and never stop inventing, as the brand launches new underwear collection or a heavy update to an existing one every 2-3 months, together with lots of superb photos of cute boys wearing their praised briefs, boxers, jocks, and such.

Beside being filled to the brim with awesome boy’s pics, Croota online store offers decent pricing, shocking variety and free delivery all around the world through their extensive dealer network. What else to wish?



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    That is an issue I need to do more research into, thanks for the blog post.

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