AussieBum Muscle

Emerging from Bondi beach, sexy Australian guys have always been a
pleasure for bulge hungry boys. Total tan and outdoors antics have
been a major turn-on for most of us. Sleek swimwear promises more than
just muscles and a youthful smile. Those beach boy surfers, who
conquer the waves, know how to show off more than their surfboards.
Surf your eyes front and behind their swimwear for that nearly factor
outline. Aussiebum accentuates what is already there so not only do
you offer a great rear view from behind they let the boys know that
you have got a lot to show.


Aussiebum underwear and swimwear are neck and neck in the style
stakes. When it’s hot we want to see the best of the boys. They know
it; you know it so prop up that beach boy physique with proper
swimwear. Wear some sexy underwear for that spontaneous, anywhere,
moment. Search the Aussiebum catalogue for the most provocative
jockstraps or the best underwear cock outline. Make your crotch look
great in trousers or when stripping off your briefs at the gym. Make
the most of your physique at the beach or in the bedroom. Aussiebum
are an established and talented company, who have made their brand
uniquely suited to men who have the confidence to look good. If you
are one of the boys you will stand out in Aussiebum quite literally
speaking of course.


Aussiebum enhances what is already there. The unique uplift design
makes a bold and comfortable look on the street or at the beach.


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