Is male and female fashion different? Can a real man survive without , say, thongs? Can a lady be herself without a pair of baggy cargo pants? Those who deal in underwear and clothes are probably deeply in doubt as they seem to be keen on crossdressing.

Want me be brief and get straight to the point… without clothes… err… I mean much hassle? You asked for it.

Today’s guest, Male basics underwear is all about being surprising and shameless. Their designers seem to have been the first to introduce lacey briefs to the wide audience. You heard that. Lacey. Lacey Male (basics) briefs, chap. Just like girls’, but with a bigger bulge in front. See-through underwear is not a new invention, but poke-your-finger-through is a something unheard of. Thanks, Male basics creative undies department!

Can you be more fresh than that? I have just invented fishnet briefs in response. Probably, going out without underwear would be as great as that, too. What ventilation! Not as perfect in warm and wet climate, though, as your thighs – left unprotected by that missing underwear – may get glued together for good. But who worries about such small things when he is being inspired by the fact that his male parts are left WITHOUT UNDERWEAR.

And we, brief-loving freaks, know that it is not the exact combination of comfort and style that stirs minds, but the wanted sensation of wearing nothing! Like coming to the office without your clothes as well as the undies. So shameful and so stimulating. Imagine: the whole office is one sinful boy’s changing room from now on. Fill it with muscular surfer boys and let the party begin!

Believe me, Male basics underwear guys have lots of things in stash for you, and they would not be sent to oblivion even if it were not for their little male underwear discovery – the lace – but what a nice thing to concentrate your thoughts on!

Cannot gather mine for some reason.

Fancy why?

Try those Male basics briefs and you’ll know.



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