Sexy Australian guys have always been a delight to look at. Tan and funny accent have been a major turn-on for most of us, sometimes turning average-looking coach potatoes into dedicated male watersports fans. Those hot muscular surfers in tight underwear, with huge surfboards, which become barely visible because your eyes are dead glued to boy’s provoking groin bulges.

Of course, the only thing the forget when heading to the seaside in their VW van, is proper swimwear. Poor boys will have to get their undies wet and translucent, so that we can have a nice view on their cocks’ hot outline.

The founders of Croota guessed that this provoking image is the only real thing their country has to offer to the world, and launched their male underwear collection in 2005. Since that day, they have been restlessly investing their talent for creation of sexy things into boxers, briefs, jocks, tank tops and other tight-fitting stuff, that is as hot as napalm.

Croota is a well-known stylish underwear party organizer and provider of sexy pics for our enjoyment. This men-oriented brand never ceases to offer surprises and cool ideas. You absolutely must go and check it!


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