What surprises me about Andrew Christian jock as a special piece of underwear, is its sheer inability to hide. This piece of underwear is not intended for those unconfident of themselves. If it is the total openness that stimulates you imagination, you will enjoy the jock greatly. With it, you will feel naked even when dressed for winter. And, like it happens with all new pieces of underwear, your partner will keep trying to guess what makes you so horny.

During the day, you will also keep receiving and returning interested smiles, winks and nods from complete strangers and old acquaintances.

Beware! Arousal is infectious, and spreads like flu. One Andrew Christian jock, and the whole 300 cubic meters of office are filled with sex. Or the whole city if you are an active outgoer.

That jock mood supplied by Andrew Christian might save the world one day. Whoever gets touched by it, has no way back, but to hurry for his own bit of confidence or step aside shyly.

Though, Andrew Christian is not just jock. They make great underwear for true connoisseurs. The high quality materials used for their masterpieces produce a sleek and warm feel, stretch only where needed and last longer than you ever expected. The whole range of Andrew Christian underwear is startling, and makes you want to try all pieces or collect them like Hot Wheels cars. Probably a good time to start, because every season new great pieces are added, and it will soon be impossible to catch up.


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  1. Andrew christina is great underwear, great comfort en fit! superb

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