Calvin Klein underwear has all the notoriety of a sexual predator but offers the inimitable style that keep you out of jail. The infamous brand branched into underwear during the 90’s with its unisex approach, bringing underwear out of the closet and onto the hips. The distinctive band indicates the wearers fresh, clean look and sexy intentions whether on the street, beach or bedroom. CK underwear remains the leaders of the pack and any Calvin Klein underwear model probably should be working for free. Since then, no billboard or bedroom floor escaped the CK brand. Nowadays the quality remains unique and the brand offers funky colors along side it classic trunks and boxers. Calvin Klein swimwear is instantly as recognisable with the incredibly simple and comfortable style whether you want stick out in swim briefs or hunker down in swim shorts. Calvin Klein swimwear are carefully designed to play with sleek style whilst being eye-catching in their simplicity.  Sporty boys can swap the swimmers breifs look for a pair of trunks and a game of  volleyball. The abdominal boys can enhance their workouts with the hip-hugging band. New lines of swimwear are available in bright colours to cover all international destinations. Sun, seek, play, CK.

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  1. CK one is by far my favorite underwear brand, love calvin klein underwear!

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