C-IN2 has a wide range of menswear those include C-IN2 underwear, C-IN2 jockstrap, C-IN2 bamboo, and C-IN2 briefs. All these are available n attractive colors and will add to the sex appeal in men. The catch of these products are that they are made with help of cutting edge technology, superior quality of fabrics which mingle with the skin in a perfect way. All the products have wide waistbands those will caress your waistline gently, giving you a sense of great comfort, along with a soothing effect to your back. Enough of muffin tops, love handles or back bulge. C-IN2 underwear, C-IN2 jockstrap, C-IN2 bamboo, and C-IN2 briefs will provide you enough contour comfort enhancing your comfort in different postures. It is a great feeling to put something like a C-IN2product on. It helps you to look sexier and most importantly it makes you confident.

C-IN2 jockstrap is designed so as to provide you extra support in the form of a pouch that will comfortably fit in with your bodyline and will fall below your waistline. Complete with extremely soft modal fabric, distinctive elastic logo waistband, a contrast trim around pouch and legs and a reasonable covering in the rear,C-IN2 jockstrap gives you a cosmopolitan look.

C-IN2 underwear C-IN2 briefs are really sleek and exotic and help you attain a sexy look those women will really appreciate. They are tight fitting and made up of elastic fabric which will be hugging your skin yet will be extremely comfortable. C-IN2 underwear & C-IN2 briefs augment your manliness and give you sharpness you were looking for!

C-IN2 bamboo is another product that will add to your glamour. Don’t be taken aback by the name. It has got nothing to do with the bamboo of course! These briefs are made from a new and better bamboo mesh fiber. The latest design of C-IN2 bamboo includes a one and a half inch wide microfiber waistband with distinctive logo with an even backing, and divergent piping on the leg openings giving you a grand feeling of comfort. Put C-IN2 bamboo on and experience the hot look from someone special that will ignite the man in you!

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