The Australian brand name ‘Cocksox’sends ripples in the hearts of the opposite sex simply because the name oozes manhood! The brand makes a difference when it comes to giving a cosmopolitan look to men by the sheer virtue of its new age design and looks.

Cocksox Underwear:

These are definitely the new age underwear. Made of high quality fibers, Comsox underwear are available in a wide variety of shades which augment your manliness! The most amazing feature is the design. The brand has indeed set a new trend in designing men’s underwear. Gone are those days when the ‘man’s thing’ used to hang out of the shorts while jogging or scrambled up the thighs while walking! Thanks to the unique pouch that helps to keep ‘them’ at the centre all throughout the day – while walking, while resting your hips on the chair. You will feel sexy and look sexy. Find out the difference and experience the comfort!

Cocksox Swimwear:

Complete with its high end designing and made of a fabric that is best in the industry to suit the needs of men – Cocksox swimwear meets their needs in a perfect way! Indeed, Cocksox swimwear undoubtedly stands different from the rest of the lot due its sheer innovative designs and exclusive colors those give men ample coolness and superior comfort beyond imagination. Truly, it is the ‘man’s wear’ with a sexy design and a pouch to hold the ‘mark of a man” in a perfect way. Simply, Comsox Swimwear rocks the Australian beaches!

Cocksox Briefs:

The first thing that will come to your mind when you speak about Cocksox briefs is their distinctive pouch that makes all the difference. They are so pronounced that please do not use them if you do not want to show off your junk! Remember not to wear them while you are going to your office!

The Cocksox briefs are analogous to a bikini! You can tell that these are the bikinis for men! Complete with very thin sides and the pouch that will show your manliness to the world in a distinctive way, it is a must wear when you are in the beach, especially when you are with your woman or in search of a new! They will surely catch the eyes of everyone around you. The waistlines that it will virtually expose will surely send the opposite sex gasping for breath! Look at the colors and you will sense the lucidness that is associated with the brand!

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