Putting new mens undies on every morning, you are making yourself ready for whatever adventure
the day may dish out at you. I am sure, popular mens underwear brands are nodding in agreement!
Whether these are boxers or briefs is unimportant on a larger scale, but might make the day for a
person with a hint of mystical outlook on the world. If you ask my friend, Phillip, it is the mens undies
what shapes the fates of the world: from global politics all the way to natural disasters.

He is so convincing when he introduces you to his mens undies based ritual: after stretching and doing
a few push-ups, he showers and, wearing nothing but a towel, comes up to a wardrobe, where he faces
the epic choice between boxers or briefs. His collection of underwear is vast, all items are from popular
mens underwear brands like aussiebum or croota, and all are mens undies of impeccable quality.
The design makes all the difference for him, though. Obviously, the shorter his underwear, the more
playful the mood. During offices hours there is not always time for play, unfortunately. Long means
serious to him, as when he feels the reassuring sensation of the fabric hugging his tights, he gets more
concentrated. Therefore for busy office days, the scale Tips towards boxers or briefs rather than thongs,
with boxers being preferred above all. But every day bring its small pleasures, and the relaxed and self-
confident people wearing popular mens underwear brands enjoy more of those. And short stands next
to sexy for underwear. What to wear? It is like fortune telling with mens undies.

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