A nice ass clad in a mens g string or a jock strap becomes even better. The butt cheeks gain shape and
depth, thus becoming the centre of attention. Since plain body is universally accepted (and this goes all
the way since classic painters Renaissance) as inferior to the one partially hidden by an alluring drape, it
is necessary to find a modern analogue of the translucent silk: I suggest we call mens g string one. I am
in doubt, though, since jock strap performs the role no less glamorously.

Mens butt with strap of a g string dividing it as a meridian is so hart-touching. A girl might see cuteness
here, or it opposite – aggression; a jock strap provides a parallel: is the lust that is born from it
different? Your jock strap also pushes your ass upwards slightly shaping it up and making visually more
muscular. A hazy-eye look you will get from whoever you share the secret of what you are wearing
with, is worth a even thousand mile walk. You won’t have to make the effort, though, since the majority
of world’s leading underwear brands offer door-to-door delivery. They also carry a stunning variety of
jock straps and mens g strings to make the strongest adherents of other designs shake.

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