es-collection-swimwearAddicted, the underwear collection of Spanish premium men underwear brand ES Collection, is considered to be the little sister or brother of the big company because it has a youthful and daring design and it is more affordable. Not because of the cuts in design or quality, assures the Spanish company.

Similar to ES Collection, Addicted is designed and produced in the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona. Created by Eduardo Suner, the head designer for ES Collection, Addicted underwear is fabricated with top quality materials that would appeal better to young and athletic men with a playful spirit.

• Eduardo Suner, about Addicted collection: You wear the underwear once and you get addicted

Why ES did name it Addicted? The answer is plain and simple, says Eduardo Suner: you wear them once and you get addicted! And yes, this addiction is a great one, Suner added. Also, ES Collection does not consider Addicted a sports brand, like ES, but more of a concept brand. Addicted was created for fashion conscious men between 18 and 30 years that caught the underwear train before their girlfriends or their wives did it.

In line with Eduard Suner’s opinion, the most appealing aspects of the Addicted collection are the vibrant colors and the cuts that accentuate the curves of the body in a sensual and sexual way. Addicted underwear collection includes 57 items, from boxing sport boxers to disco push up boxers, army, police and marines briefs. And so many more, priced between 24 and 60 euro.

• Boxers, jockstraps and briefs

The underwear from Addicted collection is made of the finest cotton fabric, 95% cotton and 5% spandex, and has a logo printed front and back. BOXING SPORTS BOXERS and BOXING SPORTS BRIEFS are white combined with silver and black, LACROSSE SPORTS BOXERS and LACROSSE SPORTS BRIEFS are yellow combined with golf green, HOCKEY SPORTS BOXERS and HOCKEY SPORTS BRIEF are navy combined with red and white, while TRICOLOR JOCKSTRAPS, TRICOLOR BOXERS and TRICOLOR BRIEF are available in five color combinations.

• T-shirts and lounge pants

The Addicted collection also includes LOUNGE LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRTS and LOUNGE SHORT SLEEVE T-SHIRTS made of finest 100% cotton. They are easy to wear, comfortable and extra fresh. They can be used as pajamas or as home wear. The T-shirts are available in four color combinations.

The LOUNGE PANTS are as well made of 100% finest cotton .They have pockets in both sides and an elastic waistband that makes them easy to wear and comfortable. Like the T-shirts, the pants can be used as pajamas or as home wear.

• Stripes, pack up sport and modal boxers and briefs

STRIPES MINI BOXERS and STRIPES MINI BRIEFS have an amazing anatomic pattern, are extremely comfortable and are just perfect for daily use. Due to the contrast stripes on the sides, they look more fresh and sportive. They are available in 5 color combinations.

PACK UP SPORT BOXERS and PACK UP SPORT BRIEFS have Addicted’s well- known and amazing Pack Up. Due to the removable pack, that can be easily adapted, your buldge will look more symmetric and way bigger. Nevertheless, the push-up effect is just amazing. They are available in 5 color combinations.

DISCO PUSH UP BOXERS are the perfect underwear if you want to express yourself by showing what you got! Due to the low cut, the pattern is amazing and anatomic and the boxers are comfortable and can be used daily. With the logo ADDICTED DISCO front and back, they are available in 5 color combinations.

MODAL MINI BRIEFS and MODAL CURVES BOXERS are amazing and anatomic and they are so comfortable and can be used daily. The boxers are really stylized thanks to the curves on the sides. While the briefs are available in 6 color combinations, the boxers are available in 4 color combinations.

• Navy, SWAT, Marines and Police briefs

NAVY BRIEFS, SWAT BRIEFS, MARINES BRIEFS, ARMY BRIEFS, POLICE BRIEFS, and SPECIAL SECURITY BRIEFS have printed the logos of the institutions they stand for. NAVY BRIEFS are available in only one color – navy blue, while SWAT BRIEFS are available also in only one color – black.

MARINES BRIEFS are white, ARMY BRIEFS are camouflage printed all over, and POLICE BRIEFS are royal blue, while SPECIAL SECURITY BRIEFS are red. Also, SAILOR BOXERS and SAILOR BRIEFS have number 20 printed in red.

• Curves, middle briefs and double color boxers

BASIC CURVES BRIEFS have a vertical frontal stripe and are available in basic color combinations, while MIDDLE STRIPE BRIEFS have also a vertical frontal stripe and are available in fancy color combinations.

DOUBLE COLOR BOXERS, DOUBLE COLOR BRIEFS, SPORTIVE STRIPES BOXERS, and SPORTIVE STRIPES BRIEFS have a low cut, a sportive look and are available in fancy colors and vertical stripes, while COTTON COMBI BRIEFS, COTTON COMBI BOXERS, and MULTICOLOR SHORT BOXERS can be found in both fancy and funny color combinations. In a similar manner, BASIC COTTON/RIB BRIEFS are really comfortable and can be used daily.

RIB JOCKSTRAPS, ELASTIC TOWEL JOCKSTRAPS, and ELASTIC MESH JOCKSTRAPS give and extra push-up bum, they have a great and wide elastic band in the back and are available in 4 fancy and fresh color combinations. Nevertheless, are made 100% of finest cotton.

SPOTLIGHT BOXERS and MODAL BOXERS are extremely comfortable and fit and are made of finest cotton fabric 95% and 5% spandex.

• Jock, push-up boxers and briefs

JOCK BOXERS II and JOCK BOXERS are comfortable and fit, while LONG JOHNS have contrasting stripes on both sides. At the same time, PUSH UP BOXERS, PUSH UP BRIEFS, JOCK BRIEFSS II are comfortable and fit, while PUSH UP BRIEFS SIDE have Jacquard stripes on both sides.

PUSH UP JOCKS, BASIC BOXERS and BASIC BRIEFS are all comfortable and perfect fit for daily use. Last but not least, MODAL CURVES BRIEFS were made by creating curves on the sides and are available in four 4 color combinations.

In the end, it’s up to you if you want to experiment the unique sensations Addicted underwear can bring. And thanks to Eduardo Suner, you can make your body look amazing in so many ways! Just look at all these patterns and choose what fits you best.

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